Hey, welcome to “Einluxaufreisen”

which means “a lux while travelling"!

On this website you can look at pictures of our offroad trips, get technical advice and tips to our trips.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to translate the whole website into English but we’ll provide you the important information here in short form.

Our vehicle is a Toyota Hilux, model year 2010. We built the cabin on its back by ourselves in spring 2019.

When Hanjo started going offroad he had a Mitsubishi L200 with a roof tent. This roof tent moved on to our Toyota in 2012 and only two years later the Toyota had the first self-made cabin on its back. The old cabin had a few defects so we built a new one which is now on the Hilux.

More technical information here:

Now some information about us:

We’re Linda und Hanjo from Germany - “Nordhorn” to be precise. Hanjo works as a firefighter and Linda is a middle school teacher. Both are very experienced travellers. Hanjo went on a four months trip around Asia in 2015. He travelled Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Mongolia and some more countries with the Hilux.

Linda travelled to India in 2011 and worked there at an elementary school and a kindergarten. After her studies she travelled around south-east Asia for two months (Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) by plane and ship with her backpack.

In 2016 we did our first trip together. We travelled across Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Poland in about ten days. Last summer (2019) we went on a trip around the Baltic Sea. From the Baltic States we went to Russia and crossed the border to northern Norway. There we stopped at the North cape before going south through Finland. Finally we took the ferry from Helsinki back to Germany.

For an overview of this trip please look at this map here: 

For pictures only you can click here (Choose Destination on the menu on the top):

Our next big project will be our around-the-world-trip starting in summer 2021.

We're planning on heading south and taking the ferry to Morocco and travel to the west coast of Africa to finally reach Port Elisabeth in South Africa. Then the Toyota is going to be shipped to India. From there we're planning on going back northward through Nepal and maybe China, passing the Caspian and Black Sea back to Europe. This trip as we're planning it right now will probably take about one year.


Due to the current situation (COVID-19), the planned route is probably not possible. But we'll see where this journey takes us.


Stay tuned and all the best Linda & Hanjo


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